Devil in Disguise a.k.a. Corey

Corey a.k.a. "Corey the Circus Pony" a.k.a. "Devil in Disguise" (his official show name) was purchased by Margie more than a decade ago. He actually  came from a disbanded Florida circus, and still remembers a few of his old tricks. Corey is a grey Shetland/Welsh pony cross, who is over 20 years old. He now enjoys his retirement, but in the past has been a first mount for some of our youngest riders.  RIP my friend.

Tessie My Girl a.k.a. Tess

Tess a.k.a "Tessie My Girl", her show name is Slow Dancer.  She is a 17h TB mare, never raced or tatooed, hence the name Slow Dancer. In the past she did the hunters and is know continueing her journey with Margie in dressage.  She is also used in the lesson program for more advanced riders.


Cocoa Pebbles a.k.a. Pebbles

Pebbles a.k.a. "Cocoa Pebbles" is a Welsh Pony/POA cross. With her flashy coloring she really stands out in the hunter ring!  She is absolutely good as gold, and is a real favorite here at Harlequin. (Definitely the reigning Queen of the Walk/Trot.) She is a perfect teacher to our younger beginner riders, yet is capable of stepping up into the short stirrup ring. With such a personality and flashy movement, it is no wonder Pebbles is a favorite.

The Little General a.k.a. Ike

Ike a.k.a. "The Little General" is a Rocky Mountain Pony. He has the classic RMP coloring, and the extra gait as well (although we do not encourage him to use it). An incredibly athletic pony, Ike came to Harlequin very shy and afraid of people, especially men (he is still wary of people he doesn't know yet), but has progressed rapidly and he absolutely loves the little kids! Although he has a big bouncy trot, he has one of the smoothest canters around which the kids LOVE!

Queen Frostine a.k.a. Dutchess

Dutchess a.k.a. "Queen Frostine" is a 14.2 hand 20+ year old Appaloosa mare. Dutchess has been a key member of our lesson program a number of years. Although she is one or our oldest horses, she still has some spunk over fences and out on the trails. 

Penny a.k.a. "Harlequin's Penny Pincher" has come a long way since she first came to Harlequin and is quickly becoming the new barn favorite! (Look out Pebbles) Penny has spent this last show season competing in lead line thru short stirrup divisions and has earned quite a number of ribbons along the way! Penny is a cute Welsh Cross who is notorious for stealing extra hay at night and having one of the biggest bellies at the barn!

Mr.Dots came to us from the MSPCA at Nevins Farm. This colorful leopard appaloosa has a strong resemblance to Margie's first horse, Harley, and it was love at first sight when she first saw him. He came to us with some trust issues and was very fearful, and is now the most laid back horse at the barn. Not only is he a total gentleman at home, but also on the trails and at shows. You can also seem him from time to time with one of his favorite riders, who is able to stand up right on his back!

Officer Mike Sullivan

Harlequin Stables is home to the Department of Conservation and Recreation Park Ranger horse known as Mike. Big and beautiful, Mike is quite eye catching, especially when out patrolling the Blue Hills and other Massachusetts parks and locations.

Odin a.k.a. Sausages is owned and loved by Bec Ray Lowe and her family. Odin is a 15.3h bay Quarter Horse, and is quite the mover once he gets warmed up and ready to go. Rebecca and Odin fell in love at pony farm and have been enjoying each other's company ever since.